Fall live workshops start today!

Fall live workshops start today!

Today at 6p et our first live workshop launches on https://www.metadevgirl.com focused on setting up the repository for your Github personal domain url.

Launch Your Personal Github Pages Website (live Sept 6 @ 6p et)
Technical & soft skills to grow as a Software Engineer by Jeseekia Vaughn - Sr. Software Engineer, Developer Educator & Aspiring ML Ph.D.

This live workshop will cover setting up Github and creating the repository for your personal domain.

I'm so excited to share this inaugural newsletter with you all along with a jam-packed schedule of workshops and courses I am personally hosting this Fall!

Out of all the courses and bootcamps I teach, there are still so many skills I never have enough time to cover so I figured that's the best place to start. As I roll out courses and workshops, I'm particularly focused on covering essential topics that we tend to gloss over or skip in other programs.

Free site members will have access to all of the live workshops as well as the recording afterwards by joining and signing into the site.

For those that want to support the growth of the site as I roll out more content, joining the $5 / mo membership will unlock access to the monthly on-demand crash courses.

I'll also be hosting 1 major live event each month focused around a Hackathon or Code Retreat to bring the community together and refine our development skills!

Check out the schedule below and join me live for more!

If you want to see me cover any other topics in the future leave a comment and let me know!