Week 5 of the Java Bootcamp

This is what I was waiting for! We are finally learning how to tie my frontend knowledge to the backend with JSP and JSTL among other things.

I have chosen a side project: DetroitIpsum. The goal of my site is to allow the user to select how many paragraphs they want and perhaps a size for the paragraphs, and generate some Detroit-themed Lorem Ipsum text.

Teaching for Girl Develop It, Detroit has given me a greater appreciation for Lorem Ipsum generators. Many of my workshops have involved writing some HTML, and I am the least creative when it comes to demo text. I frequently write “blah, blah, blah”¬†as demo text which makes me seem way less cooler than my counterparts and their clever cat-inspired content.

After discovered themed Lorem Ipsum, I have used Drake Ipsum, Hipster Ipsum, and Cupcake Ipsum. When I Googled “Detroit Ipsum” and found nothing, like many web folks I immediately searched to see if detroitipsum.com was available. Sure enough it was, so I have bought the domain and am ready to go!

It’s exciting to reach that moment¬†that I have been waiting for since I started learning Java a year ago. Now I can start to develop a site with more than just HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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