Week 3 of the Java Bootcamp

Time to start looking for a job!

So it’s still pretty early on in the bootcamp, or so I thought.

I got my first message from a recruiter on LinkedIn on Friday (2/12). This caught me by surprise and made me a bit uncomfortable to be honest. Of course the goal of the Bootcamp is to take you from beginner to junior developer in 2 months, however, that doesn’t mean you start focusing on employment after the 2 months.

One of the first things we do in the bootcamp is talk about our professional profiles: LinkedIn, Github, and resume. We updated our LinkedIn account last week. Some of the new skills I added were Java, Eclipse, Object-Oriented Languages, and SQL.

Before this week was over, I had already received a message on LinkedIn from a recruiter looking for a Junior Java Developer! Although I wasn’t expecting this to happen, it is not a bad problem to have. My ultimate goal is to find myself a job so I am gearing up to start those conversations now.

This is definitely nerve-wrecking, but all the greatest experiences in my life have started with me just pushing myself to go out on a limb.

The quote that truly defines my life:

“Waiting to develop courage is just another form of procrastination. The most successful people take action while they’re afraid!”

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