Week 1 of the Java Bootcamp

Week 1 is over and I am relieved because I still feel as comfortable and confident as I did at the end of Day 1. Coming into this bootcamp with prior experience coding, most people around me have found my fear of failure completely irrational. The thing is, every new endeavor has its own experiences and obstacles. If I already knew everything I needed to know, I wouldn’t be in this bootcamp.

That said, it’s important to me to start consciously battling my imposter syndrome. Last week, I grasped the concepts, successfully built each lab, and generally had little need to seek instructor help in finishing each project. I even successfully completed our first Code Challenge along with one other classmate. Even after all of that, I still have a huge worry about whether I will be successful in the end.

It’s nice to have a supportive staff at Grand Circus. It’s a bonus that I’m familiar with most of the team since I’ve worked for Grand Circus. Having the wonderful Kim, constantly combat my doubtful comments really helps me to keep myself in a positive mindset. Even with 2 years learning programming, it can be overwhelming to dive into a Bootcamp, and you have to actively keep a positive mindset.

I’m so excited for this week!

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