My First Day in the Java Bootcamp

Today was such a great first day in the Java Bootcamp at Grand Circus Detroit!

I’m feeling confident about the class, although I’m sure that feeling will change at different points over the next 8 weeks. Today, we went through a reintroduction to Java which I felt would be terribly bland after having done the prework, and with my own prior experience in other languages.

However, I was excited to learn more about the difference between primitive types and reference types, including how they are stored in memory, in the stack and/or heap.

We also went into how different data sizes are stored according to their binary values, and a slight preview of method overloading.

My favorite part about the class so far is how our instructor doesn’t gloss over the theory, so we’ve been getting anecdotes on the differences between Java, C#, and C++. It’s the¬†lovely computer science goodness that I really want to learn and understand. It helps a lot that our instructor has a Ph.D in computer science!

We reviewed The purpose of the main method, statements, comments, identifiers, keywords, and console output.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m at a 10 today!

The number of tabs I had to open to finish the lab: 9

What I learned that wasn’t in the slides: try/catch block and the finally block.

I challenged myself by setting up version control on my labs although we have not covered it yet in the material. I also built validation and exception methods into my code after establishing the baseline requirements, and bonus requirements.


I am looking forward to tomorrow!

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