Jeseekia Vaughn is an Instructor for Grand Circus Detroit, primarily teaching the Frontend Bootcamp and Java Pre-Apprenticeship Bootcamp. She is also a student in Wayne State University’s College of Engineering with a major in Mechanical Engineering. Jeseekia is interested in learning more about different programming paradigms, application integration, and software architecture. She hopes to work as a software architect in the future. To positively impact the diversity in STEM fields, she serves on the leadership team and is an HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Instructor and Chapter Leader for Girl Develop It Detroit . In her free time Jeseekia codes, does crafts, and is an avid gamer.




Chapter Leader / Instructor: Girl Develop It, Detroit

Square Code Camp – Generation VI: College Code Camp

Firefox Student Ambassador: The Mozilla Project

MYOI Community Partners Board Youth Representative: Michigan Youth Opportunities Initiative

Board Member, Executive Committee Member, Communications Chair 2015: The Youth Poverty Project

National Publications Chairperson 2014-2015: The National Society of Black Engineers

Foster Youth Shadow Day 2104: Read Congressman Conyers’ Press Release

Site Director 2013: The Summer Engineering Experience for Kids

Regional Vice Chairperson 2012-2013: The National Society of Black Engineers – Region IV





10/18/2016 and 10/20/2016 Girl Develop It: Git and Github @ Grand Circus Detroit

10/25/2016 and 10/27/2016 Girl Develop It: Intro HTML/CSS @ Grand Circus Detroit

November 2016 Grand Circus: Intro to Web Development Part 1 @ Grand Circus Detroit


04/(12, 14,19,21,26,28)/2016 Grand Circus: Intro to Web Development Part 1 @ Grand Circus Detroit

11/14/2015 and 11/15/2015 Girl Develop It: Intro JavaScript (2 days) @ Grand Circus Detroit

10/24/2015 Girl Develop It: Basic CSS @ Detroit Public Library

10/03/2015 and 10/04/2015 Girl Develop It: Intro HTML/CSS @ Grand Circus Detroit

09/26/2015 Girl Develop It: Code & Coffee @ Great Lakes Roasting Company

09/12/2015 Girl Develop It: Basic CSS @ Detroit Public Library (Main Branch)

09/01/2015 Grand Circus: Intro to JavaScript @ Grand Circus Detroit

08/24/2015 Grand Circus: Intro to Coding @ Grand Circus Detroit

08/18/2015 and 08/20/2015 Girl Develop It: Intro JavaScript @ Grand Circus Detroit